23 December 2009

Hammin' it up

We Bruce ladies are in the Dallas Morning News today!   For, of all things, an article about ham!

There's Nothing Like Ham For The Holidays

If you scroll down a bit, you'll see our picture and a couple of recipes we contributed -- one for a frittata and another for a wonderful ham & cabbage soup.

The author of the article, Tina Danze, was my former catering partner in an era of shared insanity. We cooked and raised our babies together in our early thirties and then went through breast cancer at the same time in our forties. She's so talented and resourceful; a battery-charger kind of friend. 

I love you madly, Tina, even though I resolutely and justifiably blame you for at least ten of the spare pounds I've been hauling around since 1989.