03 November 2009

Pioneer Woman's Mushrooms Stuffed With Brie

The Pioneer Woman's first cookbook came out last week. I confess I wasn't even tempted to add it to my already abundant collection... until I made these mushrooms tonight.

Oh my stars.

I'm pretty sure I'm now seeing those Disney sparkles in the eyes of my loved ones whenever they gaze upon me. Seriously, Ree wasn't joshin' -- you have to make these. So easy, and yet they taste like you slaved over them half the day.


photo by Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman,
who I hope won't come after me with Marlboro Man's lasso for borrowing it.

PS. I made them with Baby Bellas, and I did use the optional splash of white wine. Which I heartily recommend.

PPS. I cannot imagine serving these without mashed potatoes to soak up the amazing pan juices. In fact, next time I make these, which may well be tomorrow, I will just make a triple recipe and a mess of mashed spuds and call it dinner. And I suspect nobody here will complain.

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